Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pre-Date Review

Let's try a PRE-date review...for kicks.

This way you can witness my glorious optimism.  I always think the date is going to go well.  (Cue sinister organ music.)

His name is Hal. He doesn't have the "look" of my typical man.  He's, um, motorcycley.  (New word.)
And outdoorsey.  (Can I get a spell check?)

It's difficult to spell words one never uses.

BUT...he's hilarious, an IT guy and persistent.  Three qualities I value. 

My last date, restaurant guy, texted me this:  "Scammer".
I assume because I didn't answer his calls. 

Hal, on the other hand, continues to call with a jovial attitude despite my failure to respond.  (I think I got a ticket for that once.)  He's upbeat, has a great voice...I just KNOW I'm going to have fun.

Famous last words.  

Tune in tomorrow, won't you?


Charlene said...

If you meet a man who has a good sense of humor and wants you, those are the 2 best things for a date.

Not so much later if those are ONLY seduction tools.

Good Luck!!!

Joanie said...

Sounds like motorcycle guy is a lot more fun than restaurant guy. Go for it!!

secret agent woman said...

Scammer! Ha ha!

I'm crossing my fingers for you.