Saturday, January 8, 2011

Harley Hal

He kissed me.  (Just a peck...or two.)

This only makes you a whore if you happen to be an Irish Catholic. 

He was a good looking man.  He became better looking as the evening progressed.

He hailed from 4 generations of Westpoint graduates.  All generals in the Airforce. He went to the Airforce Acadamy as an act of rebellion.

We met in a Pub overlooking an outdoor ice-skating rink.  The perimeter of the rink was studded with trees covered with twinkle lights left over from the holidays. It was lovely.

As I arrived, I watched him put on chapstick.  Talk about wishfull thinking.

He was a gentleman. That is, when his hand wasn't on my knee or trying to pull me close.

But there was nothing obnoxious about it. He'd been married for 26 years. He was successful and thought I was hilarious.

He rides a huge Harley and plays the trumpet.

I love that he plays the trumpet.

He texted me minutes after I left.

He's dating material.


Anonymous said...

Awesome girl..just awesome...

And not the type you thought he was, eh??? hehehe

Joanie said...

It sure sounds like it! Glad you had a good time!

Venom said...

Hells Yeah! Get ready to ride the Harley!;-)

Don said...

LOL, Venom has the right idea; go ride that Harley! Or the other thing.

Charmaine said...

BlueEyedWonder - Yes, I would never have pegged him as an Airforce officer. Never.

Joanie - He was nice. No fireworks or anything...but firewords are over-rated.

Venom - He asked me how I felt about motorcycles. Like, if I didn't like them it would be a dealbreaker or something. Funny.

Don - Hey Mista...this is a G rated blog...uh, er...most of the time, ewink.

secret agent woman said...

That's funny - my father went to the Naval Academy in rebellion against his West Point father.

Glad the date went so well - sounds promising.

Anonymous said...

We Irish would never call a lady a whore. He txted you after you left. A good sign. Marry him :)

TDL ;)

HumorSmith said...

Hi Char;

Just popped in to say you have been on my blogroll for a year. Isn't that nice?

Oddly, when I checked your blogroll however....