Friday, January 28, 2011

Follow your Instincts, right?

I've probably dated more then most.

It's odd since I'm kinda shy.  It doesn't feel "natural".  I force myself. 

Sometimes the men asking me out are dull, mean, hung up on x's or just plain weird.

I've decided to stop thinking...and trust my instincts. 
This is my next instinct.

But I have a date tomorrow night.  A man 10 years older.  He's concerned I'm too young for him and too cute (in his mind). 

I didn't mention him because...I don't tell you EVERYTHING. He's been pre-qualified by the woman I work for.

That means blind date. 

Expect disaster. 

Tune in for the results, won't you?


Anonymous said...

Wowzer! What a looker and he appears to be smart too.

10 years older? I thought you were in mid 40's and that would make him 55? No way!

Unless that pic is old. Wishing you luck and fun on Saturday.


Joanie said...

The outside package looks pretty good! Just relax and have fun! Can't wait to hear about it later!

Vodka Mom said...

i think, perhaps, probably, it won't be long until I'm ready to start dating.

And then i will CALL YOU TO HELP.


Morgan said...

Even if he turns out to be (not the one) I'd put him in the corner and stare at him all night :)

SSP said...

dating...what a how did it go?

HumorSmith said...

Hmmm....well, at least you have options. Me? Not so much. Nobody's askin'. So I will live vicariously through you, unless you want to give up that Cali life and move here?


Thought so. Have fun Char!

PorkStar said...

Good luck on the date. It should have happened by now, time to update the blog : )

LL said...

You're holding out on us? Of all the nerve... ;)