Monday, January 24, 2011

Man. Man. Man. Goose.

Ladies and Gentlemen...The "line up" currently under consideration.
(1)  Robert. 
He was unexpectedly thoughtful for a 34 year old which is...WAY too young for me. My girlfriend is dating a man 10 years her junior...having the time of her life.

I agreed to possibly meet him ONLY to, um, complete my research (cough cough) and report my findings back to YOU.  The things I do for science.

(2.) Blake
He's in law enforcement.  I think he's cross-eyed. If he looks me up in "the system"...he'll likely see two of me (it's a cross eyed thing) and learn I'm a dangerous seat belt violator with a penchant for repeat recidivism. (Recidivism is a term only criminals in-the-know...know).
(3) J.R.
This brooding, serious man is compelling. H'e's arrogant. He's a writer. I don't trust his black and white "professional" photo.  I've learned nothing appearing on-line, nothing a man says, or the pictures he posts, matter.

You need to weed out the serial killers...then meet. 

(4) Kerry - a.k.a. "Goose"
You have to be 6'3" to pull off a nickname like that.  He's nice.  An unapologetic "mans man".   He's an IT Director, which always comes in handy. 

Just a few... in the que.


Charlene said...

I dated a fellow 15 years younger than I some time back. He was a wonderful guy. Two years ago he jumped off a high rise office building in downtown Louisville. Boy that sure was odd.

LL said...

None of them strike my fancy, but... why limit yourself to just one? Try 'em all out for size! ;)

Joanie said...

Ok, Robert looks, sigh, yeah THAT good!

Blake looks cute! He'll keep you safe,and maybe fix your parking tickets.

Hard to really check out JR. Not a very good photo. But he's a write. Maybe he has $$$$$ That can't hurt.

Goose looks nice too, and he can fix your computer viruses and stuff.

secret agent woman said...

I've dated versions of all these guys on-line!

Anonymous said...

You gotta go out with each of them! No way to know for sure which one could be "that" guy!!!
Research!! Research!!
With science:

Ya gotta do it for SCIENCE!!!

Anonymous said...

my comment is way too late but i want to know if you tried all of them? which one is good. (

Anonymous said...

"Robert seems to be a guy named "Paul" on Facebook!