Saturday, January 29, 2011

Post Date - Holy Shit!

(I need to work on my swearing.)

I arrived at Ocean Prime at 6:30 PM. The valet guys swooped in.

I hadn’t even called Gene, to confirm our date.

When I walked in he stood up immediately. I had one thought:

“Holy Shit, it’s Robert Redford”.

He was a 59 year old version of Robert Redford.

He pulled out my chair and was in every manner, a perfect gentleman. He had that relaxed, confident energy a lot of politicians have.

When he opened his mouth to speak his voice was a cross between John Edwards and Jimmy Carter.

He arrived one hour early for our date. 

We had a delicious dinner, the best of everything.

He grew up on a peanut-farm.

Now he’s a big wig at Hewlett Packard...but played it down.

A man slipped into the seat beside me. (We were seated at the bar.)

His voice sounded like Will Smith’s in the film, 6 Degrees of Separation: Preppy, studied, deeply confident and full of laughter. The restaurnt staff was making a big deal.

He was wearing penny loafers with tassels.

My date went to the bathroom and the man turned to me, “Good evening, my name is Charles” he said.

I was waiting for my car to be returned by the valet...and he approached..we laughed.

We're meeting Friday for drinks.


Anonymous said...

LOL That seems to happen, blind date OK but find another by chance.

I told you Charmaine that pic wasn't up to date. He does not look like 59 there (no grey).

Was I right?


LL said...

I don't think you need to work on your swearing... you seem to do it just fine right now.

Once again, you attract 'em from out of the ether.

Hard to trust a man with tassels though... ;)

Charmaine said...

Linda - Indeed, the man did not look 59. He was a hunk and totally charming. Are you, really, Kerri?

LL - Penny loafers with tassels are cool, if you're a banker will be intereting to find out what he does. I can't wait.

Joanie said...

Ah, but will you see Gene again?

Can't wait to hear about your date with Charles next week!

Anonymous said...

Am I Kerrie? No I am Linda. I live on the West Coast. Been reading you're blog for few a years now.

Funny, as you mention Kerrie, I have a daughter-in-law spelled Karrie. Hehehehheee....

I meant you mentioned he was 59 but that picture you showed on blog sure didn't look 59.


Charmaine said...

Linda - Sorry for the confusion. I don't think I put up a pic of him which is why I was confused.

We have alot a men in the que right feels really good.

Anonymous said...

My bad!!. You're right the latest pic wasn't the one you went out with that's 10 years older than you.

I re-read it dang do I feel dumb! But the lastest one is a super duper hunk!!!!


LL said...

If you're a cowboy, anything with tassels means you're a little light in the loafers... and that's not the guy for you. Or maybe it is! :P

TLL said...


(But I DO wonder if he's reading this, could be a double edged sword, GOOD as well as bad ;)

secret agent woman said...

THAT next date should be interesting, then!

Charmaine said...

TTL: Don't worry, no man I date will ever EVA learn of this blog again.

I learned my lesson.

Secret Agent - My date with "Chaaarles" will be interesting. He's a real charmer with the voice of a Baritone from the Tri-Cities Opera Company.