Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love and Younger Men

Someone suggested I date younger men.  I AM.

One is blond, the other brunette. They're friends.  Neither knows about the other.

I can't tell them because they're VERY jealous.

And they both have guns. 

The problem is... I have to pay for EVERYTHING.

Tonight, I took them BOTH to dinner at Casa Bonita. 

It was a bold move.

As we dined near a waterfall featuring incredibly realistic turquoise water...I engaged in cocktail conversation:  "This is the most delicious American cheese sauce covered enchilada I have ever eaten in my LIFE". And...

"The smell of bleach really perks up a girls appetite...don't ya think?"

Keeping up the star crossed "charade" was hell. 

After giving Brody $5.00 dollars of arcade tokens, Britt became jealous.  I had no choice but to give Britt $5.00 dollars he wouldn't suspect anything.

When I bought Britt a balloon, I thought Brody was going to shoot him. 

I'm not sure if this makes me a bad person.

The truth is...I saw ANOTHER younger guy earlier.  We went to Starbucks, Denny's, AND Rockly's Music Store.  We played electric pianos, guitars and a ukulele.  

It's not the first time.

One of the musicians in the store has a crush on me.  Luckily, guy number three (3) is not the jealous type.

He's been looking for work.

But there are child labor laws...


Joanie said...

It sounds like some of your younger man dates are more fun than your grown up ones!

secret agent woman said...

I've only dated a much younger man once. Heavenly, but no real long-term potential.

SSP said...

your nephews are so lucky....snort

casa bonita??? really? LOL see this:

LL said...

Holy carp! Charm! You've been on a posting spree...

So this is what happens when I stay away... Is that a hint? :ewink: