Thursday, January 7, 2010

Love is a Four Letter Word

This is a long post.  Run for the hills.

I had a great trip to Denver. My brother-in-law picked me up at the airport.  He was not late.

On my return to Orange County, The King asked me to call when my plane landed.  He could be there in 15 minutes.  I called.  He wasn't there.  I took a cab instead.

Then he arrived at my apartment. "Why couldn't you wait?" he asked.  It's a theme with us.  Me waiting...eventually getting fed up and leaving.  I'm such an evil woman. I guess the fact that he is consistantly late does not qualify as bad behavior.

Always...he goes on about my "bad behavior".  How I left his house on Christmas Eve while he dined with is X and children at her house. I baked a pie. I waitied as long as I could.

In Denver I made dinner every night. I invited neighbourhood kids for sphaghetti. I packed Dan's lunch.  I made the kids lunch. I  helped Brody with his homework. Oops what's that?  Oh, Gunnars arms around me, "I love you" he said. 

New Years Eve was filled with children.  When Aunt Charmaine shows do the kids.

I sprung into action.  I made a New Years Eve party, I bought noise makers, silly string, tiaras and helium balloons.  I did my famous scavenger hunt.  The kids ran around the house squeeling.  The fireplace was crackling.

They decided to inhale helium from the balloons (my sister accused me of corrupting her children) forcing them to parrot what I told them to say like, "I hope when I hit puberty my voice will change".  I took them to this trampoline place. Trampoline dodge ball where Aunt Charmaine morphed into a soccer mom.

"Kill them" I heard myself say. "Now is not the time to be polite".

The little boy on the opposite team, a brilliant dodge ball player, waved me into the game.  I was going to annihilate him.

He annihilated me instead. He threw the ball so hard it knocked me over.  I had nothing but admiration for the lad, except that he cheated. He was so good, he didn't need to cheat. "The ball hit you, you're out!" I yelled.  "Whose running this show", I thought.  Where are the adults?

Who knew that my tiny nephew, Gunnar, smaller then the other boys,the kind that writes love songs on his guitar and sneaks up to say, I love you"...would be the one to knock their socks off?  It's not size.  It's tenacity.  That's him below with my beautiful sister. He kicked their butts. He was a poised...focused warrior. Our team won against Herculean odds.

I was proud of him. He had justice and fire in his eyes

On the way home he was bemoaning the fact that the other team had cheated.  The injustice of it. One of the cheating thugs had red hair. Gunnar asked Chandler, his 15 year old cousin, how could they cheat like that?

"Don't worry" she said.  He'll never get anywhere in life.  He's a ginger. 

Ginger is a derogatory term used in Evergreen, Colorado to describe people with red hair.

I'm not politicaly correct.  I laughed. I'm a little "gingery" myself.

Brody rushed out to the car as I departed for one last kiss.  "He doesn't do that with anyone" my sister said.

The car pulled away and he chased us.  We pulled away again, he chased again.  He let me kiss him TWICE!  My mother returned to say, "I don't want you to go".

Still, I was excited to depart and see my King.  We all know how that turned out.  Big fizzle.  When we got back together recently he texted, "Call me when you are prepared to discuss your character flaws."

Well try this on King.  Call me when you are prepared to apologize for yours.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

That was a lovely post. And tell the king to go and F himself. You can do much better.

♥ Braja said...

King's a loser. I'm with Lee....

You're gorgeous xoxoxo

LL said...

One day... the gingers will rule the world!!! The whole world I say!

Looks like you had fun Cherm. Yes... I'm going to start calling you Cherm for as long as you keep typing "then" instead of "than". :ewink:

You know I lubz ya...

Joanie M said...

I knew we hadn't head the last of the king. Wish you could meet someone who can absolutely curl your toes and make you forget all about the king.

Joanie M said...

Oh yeah, and I'm really happy you had so much fun with your family!

SweetPeaSurry said...

Ahhhh how much fun is your family, for reals? Awesome that you had such a great time.

Light and love,


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Well this Ginger loves this post. Sounds like such a great time. And soo glad you didn't wait around at the airport for the King. Imagine how he'd treat you if you were married!

SSP said...

move to Denver - sounds like you got a ready made, willing and loving support system there...


Briana said...

I really don't like that picture of me :)

Irish Gumbo said...

Cool post. I have to agree with Lee, you can do better.

BTW? That closeup of you, with the sunglasses, in the car? A knockout, my dear, you are a knockout. Wow. :)

Anita said...

Great post! I envy the closeness that you and Briana have maintained over the years. My sister and I drifted apart and I miss her!