Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm in love

I just thought you should know.

He's 81.  I'm done.  He is wonderful beyond wonderful. I asked him to marry me.  Yes I did.

Okay, so the reason we were speaking in the first place has to do with the fact that a friend of mine has prostate cancer. Lou, my next husband, hounded me all day after I initially contacted him (he has a support group) regarding  Prostate Cancer.

He tracked me down like a blood hound. 

A really affable grand fatherly blood hound.

We spoke for hours.  His interest is in my friend.  He wants to call him or have him call him.  (That sounds like an improper sentence.) 

Cancer is scary.  Not only for the one with it but for those of us who surround it/them. I want a quick fix.  I want it to be over.  I thought Prostate Cancer was no big deal.

I was wrong. 

With or without my "guy" I will attend the next support group.  I will listen to the guest speaker and more Lou.  Then...I will launch an assault on my supposed  "guy".  I'll make him talk to Lou. 

They will become fast friends. 

Then I'm gonna marry Lou.

He said I was scary smart. He wants nothing more then to help my friend. 

He's on a mission.


Anonymous said...

Many a true word is spoken in jest...................................................

Anita said...

I hope that your future husband is able to help your friend!

Joanie M said...

Yeah, I hope your future husband can help your friend too!

The best thing to do is stay as positive as possible!
Be loving and supportive.

LL said...

Hey... if he's a billionaire I'm gonna start calling you Anna Nicole instead of Cherm.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Good luck to your "guy".

Lou is definitely a keeper.

Last Place Finisher said...

Growing up, we couldn't say the word "cancer" out loud. If you had to use the word, you were supposed to whisper it. To utter the word was to tempt fate.

Yup, I grew up in an "old country" kind of household.

I think that the failure to acknowledge CANCER, to accept CANCER, or to accept any illness as part of life is to empower illness and disease.

Hurray for Lou. Hurray for his passion in seeking out your friend to provide support.

Now that I'm getting older, another thing is becoming more clear: Old Guys Rock.

I think the two of you would make a lovely couple.

Ayodele Morocco-Clarke said...

Hi Charmaine,

Thanks for your comments on my story (The Nestbury Tree). Just saw it a few moments ago. As you will well know, writing can be a bleak experience, thus words of encouragement are tremendously appreciated by me. Thanks also for the publicity on your blog. :)