Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Angry Woman

Uh...nobody wants to hear from "The Angry Woman".

You have a point.  It is, perhaps, more constructive to be adaptive and supportive.

I can make a case for outrage on many things.  I was conditioned into anger.  It runs rampant in my family.  While the things my family is angry about are legitimate...the angry people are not happy. 

Being "right" can polarize a person into radical behavior vs. spiritual understanding.   Anger can be assaultive and close the heart you are trying to reach.


Like those people who were fanatical concerning animal rights.  They were correct in concept but they expressed their opinions by throwing paint on women wearing furs.  Trying to get paint out of my hair would never polarize me into your camp.  Right concept, wrong action.  That's why the movement didn't work.

Like Feminism, it was correct in concept but it's expression was too angry and assaultive to men.  That movement didn't work either.

Radical vegetarianism.  Right concept again.  But Mother Teresa ate meat.  Would they judge her too?

It's important to catch yourself before you spiral down too my case, into anger.

You can do the right thing without judging the people that don't.  I don't want to be angry at you know who anymore. 

In life and love, you never know what you are missing until it arrives.  You never know what you have until it is missing. So appreciate what you have.

Hey, look at me...I just transformed into Mother Teresa!

It's important to apologize sometimes.


That One Mom said...

So very true, my dear. Same thing goes for religious zealots... Not gonna get me to love Jesus by telling me I'm damned! (I heart Jesus, btw!)

As usual, you're brilliant!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Yup, all true cuz I am the angry woman.

Anon said...

LOL! Now that's my kind of apology!!

Char said...

Ah hon, can you imagine spending the rest of your life in turmoil?
Cause the problems you have had with him will only get worse. Pull up your boot straps and move on.

Sharon said...

I like angry women except when they are angry at me. I find the transparent humanity of it refreshing.

LL said...

Cherm, Cherm, Cherm... what am I going to do with you?

Briana said...

I would have to differ regarding the success, or lack thereof, of the women's movement. Gloria Steinem did not attack or assault men. And even if they did, so what? Are we supposed to coddle men's fragile egos? I don't think so.

Feminists fought for and won the right for women to vote, get an education, be admitted to college, etc. Are we treated completely equally with men? Of course not. But that isn't failure.

Martin Luther King, Jr. accomplished great strides for minorities in a non-violent way. Malcolm X felt more aggressive action was needed. Were all gains solely due to the efforts of MLK, Jr.? No.

Never apologize for anger!

Fragrant Liar said...

Well, I don't know WHO (I'm just guessing, catching up on your posts), but I agree, it's never a good thing to hold onto anger to your detriment. Best to let it go and do yourself a huge favor in the process.

That's not to say that you don't let people know how you feel -- and make NO apologies for it -- cuz I advocate getting things off your chest (in a productive way) and then moving on. When it's time, it's time. Period.

Good luck dumping his sorry ass (I'm assuming it's a sorry-assed male). You'll be the one who benefits all around.