Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Date 1 - Bad Boy Gone Good

Repost...I'm out of material people...but that is no reason for you to be deprived of my dating journey.
Date 1- March 27th, 2008
San Chi Go, Laguna Beach

We irreverently met for sushi on Easter Sunday. The "Christian Playboy" had been to church. He went to Church on Good Friday too. He invited me.

“No thanks” I said “You go pray for us both...and have a good time”.

Oddly, the man doesn’t strike me as a Christian. He says things like, “Oh my GOD”! Isn't that against the rules?
He’ll probably want to have pre-marital sex. I don't trust Christians.

He brought me a present. A kitchy plastic watch. After adjusted the links he brought it to me a few days later with a card and some cookies. (Some women get diamonds).
I'd considered bringing a present to our first date. I pondered brining a purple plastic egg filled with fish oil tablets. You know, to help protect his heart. I realized I would have to dip into MY stash of fish oil tablets to accomplish the joke. I'm no spring chicken either.

Joke aborted.
He was in a car accident and was "rebuilt". Part of his abdominal skin was used to cover destroyed calf muscle.
Favorite Quote from my Date (he pointed to his calf and said): “If you look here you can see my belly-button”.

And I did.  Ewe.

Utube of the day:

Restaurant Review (***) 3 stars SAN SHI GO
This place is on the non-beach side of PCH but overlooks the water. It received rave reviews from many sources. I wasn’t impressed. The Sushi chef was similarly unimpressed by my attempts to speak Japanese. CP liked it. I had the “Backflip Roll”, and 2 other rolls. How many rolls are you supposed to eat, anyway?


Road Warrior said...

It's too bad he was such an idiot. Sounds like his true colors came out sooner than he would have liked because he seemed to back off when you confronted him on it.

Better now than down the line though, I guess. I'm sure this is frustrating for you.

Charmaine said...

Hi Road Warrior! Thanks! Middle aged dating is a mine field. It can, however, be hilarious at times.

For evidence, scroll down to previous posts starting with "Dr. Cop-a-feel" for a belly laugh!

I guess dating at this age is it's own type of "marathon". I could learn alot from runners!!!


Aldonza said...

"Chicks dig scars."

Yeah...but not misplace belly buttons.

LL said...

You? Running out of material? Time to go back to dating! I need to live vicariously through somebody, might as well be you. :P