Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Everybody's Somebody's Fool

The Nerd called.

His voice was deep and maudlin.  He said, "I hope you are noticing my lack of enthusiasm."  (It was a play on words from my blog post wherein I compared his enthusiasm on our date to that of a Golden Retriever.)

Here's the problem.  Every man I know reads (or pretends not to read) my blog.

The Nerd confessed to reading it start to finish.  "You're hilarious," he said. 

Humour is a mask.  Otherwise how could I go from dancing a jig one day to the pits of dispair after breaking up with my guy because he was three (3) minutes late picking me up at the airport?  (Being late is very rude.) When someone has been late EVERY time for a year you can travel from anticipation to anger in a flash.

Him:  Why couldn't you just wait an hour, 3 minutes, half an hour? (Interject any span of time.)
Me:  Why couldn't you just leave an hour, 3 minutes or half hour earlier?

Picture two Long Horned Sheep on a mountainside flecked with snow in Colorado ramming their heads together.

Yet, there were extraordinary acts of kindness. 

Do women really wait around for men?  If so, you are responsible for creating the Prima Donna's I currently have to deal with.

Ladies, there is no reason to consent to this.  The younger generation is better at separating their physical selves from their emotional selves. But old broads like me, can't do it.

If you look at the animal kingdom (I'm only going here because men use this analogy to prove they were meant to spred their seed with reckless abandon) you will notice only the strongest males gain access to females for reproduction.  Male horses, rams, tigers have to fight each other. 

Only the strongest prevail, hence making the genetic pool of progeny...stronger. 

Now the fat cats don't have to fight anymore.

It takes a strong man to deal with me. 

I say picking a woman up for a date on time is NOT weakness.  It is showing a modicum of respect.  Showing someone you don't respect them is not strength. It is an attempt to require an unecessary humbling or submission.

Some women can play these manipulations to their advantage. You just have to play along. 

It's a skill I never cultivated.  I don't want to, I don't respect it and I won't do it.


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