Thursday, August 6, 2009

We'll always have Paris

Pool Boy texted. He's in Barcelona.

"Hey Char" he said. I'll be in Paris when you are in Ireland. Meet me in Paris. I'll take you out on the town.

I would like nothing more then to have dinner with Pool Boy, in Paris. He's a gentleman. We might walk the streets after dinner and gaze at the stars. Hurting women does not interest him. He's strong. He doesn't need to make a lady cry, not like "The King" did. Maybe we'd take a BATEAUX along the river Sienne. Then I'd go home.

Paris is the perfect place to mend a broken heart.

Pool Boy isn't looking for anything. He's just trying to make a connection and be a good man.

I didn't know. Not until now. Still, give me a moment to shake off "The King". (Drops to one knee) It's okay. You're not used to brutal honesty. People are so rarely honest these days.


LyN said...

hey C, it's been a while, i know. but i've been reading your posts, alrite. anyway, i second your last sentence. peeps these days..why am i always the one who is honest with how i feel everytime and getting hurt in the end? man, this has got to stop somewhere. ;)

Senorita said...

Have fun in Paris ! I've never been, but I lived in Barcelona, which is a lot of fun.

How long will you be over there ?

LL said...

Pool boy? Damn... I'm gonna have to check my scorecard to try to remember who this guy is. Is he Santa?

JIMSIGHT said...

I know that I said would never do the blog post thing again, however my phone is freaking out.. but the hotel has wifi.. Royas St. Honore.. right next to the Lourve.. on Rue St. Honore..

Would say all in France but you get a little bitchy when I go all uppity.. lol.. hey never got an answer.. other than and I quote 'yes i will meet you, shut up'.. to funny..

no matter what anyone says, my experience is the chunnel is the only way to go, excludes cabs, rentals whatever.. its city center to city center.. London to Paris.. email me.. I am going to try and find a place to either fix or replace my phone today..

oh and by the way are you in Ireland or what you never did anwer me. I am only here for another two days and then heading back to Tuscany..

I really did try.. thought we were supposed to meet today..

At anyrate, I am back in So.Cal in a week from Sunday.. my sisters
60th bday.. gotta be there.

webberpa said...

I cannot believe you are still talking about "the king"!! Elvis died years ago and so should you relationship with this king guy. Thats it, end, done...and if you dont go to Paris you are nuts...but forget the "pool boy" Paris has men, you dont need to hang ou with losers. Go have fun, walk the streets, enjoy the place, you can ride bikes now all over town for like it, I wish I could.

JIMSIGHT said...

yeah.. poolboy.. what a loser.. ahahahahahahahahahah..

Anonymous said...

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Briana said...

I totally agree with the previous comment :)

SSP said...

je suis verte avec la jalouise!! je voudrais aller en france avec toi et le garcon de piscine....heh heh, she said I didn't. Anyway, i hope you are both having fun. I am in nyc and there are no bateaux mouche here...just planes in the Hudson...mangez des frommages pour moi!

Briana said...

SSP, I understood what you said from my high school french. I'm so impressed with myself :)

Charmaine said...

Pool boy is no loser.

If you think different, I'll fight you.

Jim, where did all these stupid people come from? I just want to give up.

SweetPeaSurry said...

I was so honest, while imbibing too much vino, in chat the other night that I skeered people away from Niagra Falls. I don't really know what that means, but there it is. Flip on over to Gay Pair-ee and have a nice dinner with the pool boy, once in a lifetime opportunity ... you know?


steev said...

I'm agree with SSP.

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