Saturday, August 1, 2009


I’m European.

Yes, I am.

I am too. I can prove it.

I just received my European Union Passport.

What does it mean? I can fulfill my dream of becoming an international spy. But I forgot to change my name. Why am I so stupid?

When you have a European Passport you can work immediately. You don’t have to wait for a work Visa; you’re just “in”. You’re one of “the gang” everyone loves you; you’re a supa star. Uh…

The application process was a literal nightmare. I could NOT have done it without my baby sis (an attorney). She filled out the application and sent me a letter detailing where to sign and which items to get notarized. But I STILL screwed up.

As a result, she developed a healthy relationship with the Consulate General of Ireland.

They called, “Ach sure be Jesus, what is wrong with your fecking bloody stupid sister? She such a feckin moron, we don’t want her. Tell her to sod off and go to Germany.”


Joanie M said...

OK, why do you have Irish Passport or a European Union Passport? Do you have a dual citizenship?

Charmaine said...

Joanie, Yes, I have dual citizenship. They just give it to you if you have a parent from that country.

The funny thing is that my mother is a U.S. citizen. But I'm a citizen of both Ireland and U.S.

It's all about the paperwork.

Senorita said...

OMG, you're so lucky.

My mother was born in Austria, and all of her family still lives there. I was still not able to get an Austrian passport.

When I was in Spain, I applied, since they had an Amnesty program that I was totally eligible for as I was in the country for a year. Unfortunately I wasn't able to prove that I was actually there for a year because I did not register with the US Embassy.

I could've gotten a passport by marrying a Spaniard, and I did get offered, but then I would've been obligated to turn him into a US citizen.

So here I am, still no EU passport. I wanted it so bad, and it's not going to happen :(

I know how much of a nightmare it all is. I went through the experience and it was such a mess. Laws change all the time, and no one is helpful at all. Plus the officers are absolutely rude and laugh at you.

Joanie M said...

Damn! My parents are from the coal regions of Pennsylvania. We're here since before the Civil War!

LL said...

Why the hell would you want a passport in the first place?

Souljah Boy said...

An international spy sounds cool,but if I were you,I'd Look into becoming a super hero or going to Leprecaun school

Charmaine said...

Senorita - It's funny. I don't know why we would want a EU passport anyway. You can't use it to get into the US. It's only good for Euro travel.

But it's still cool.

LL - Having a EU passport makes me cooler then you. That's why I wanted one.

Soulja - Leprauchan school? Why didn't I think of that? I think I'm too tall.

Charmaine said...

Senorita - Austria? I loved Austria. (I kinda of like Mozart and was there during the 200th anniversery of his death or birth...I can't remember.)

I left my group and jumped on a train and went to Prague where I had a very unusual time, indeed.

There is something about being first generation Americans. I can't describe it. I just know it makes us different.

webberpa said...

The only thing I dont like about other passports is the funky colors...I like our dark blue ones, so official. The German ones are like a drab brown, and I see your Irish one is an unatural color also, what is that? You just cant take those colors seriously, ya know?

The Peach Tart said...

I want one. My name's Bailey does that count?

Senorita said...

My Oma used to work on the same street as Mozart's Gerburthaus (birthplace) on Getreidegasse.

She passed away, but my cousin lives there now, and is studying law.

I was born here, but I feel like I can identify more with my European family.

I am due for another visit there soon. I miss it.

My Oma did such a good job in making sure I learned German and helping me learn my roots, as my mom didn't do it.

Briana said...

Getting Irish passports sounded like a good idea at the time, as well as, during the year that passed between the idea and actually receiving them. I don't know if it was worth it.

I mean, what are the odds that we will travel to a country where Americans are so despised that their lives are less secure than if they were Irish?

Umm. Let me think about that!

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