Friday, October 31, 2008


SSP said...

i don't think you are crazy, but as the song goes:

Here's to the men that we love,
And here's to the men that love us.
But the men that we love
Aren't the men that love us,
So to hell with the men, here's to us.

Charmaine, a very wise man once told me that white knights on horses aren't wandering the earth seeking out damsels in need of rescuing. Both the knight, and indeed, even the fair maiden must be carefully wrought, fashioned with patience and nurtured to develop. Sometimes they need a little spit polish. The bottom line, is you can't wait around for someone to swoop in and carry you off. You have to get on the horse yourself (after catching, breaking and saddling the beast), and ride off happily into the sunset...

yeah, I am in an Alone mood the last few days...can you tell? did you read my Ode to Alone?

Briana said...

Yes, you are crazy!

Charmaine said...


I know. I didn't mean by the use of the term "hero" to imply any type of rescue mission with a white night. I'm not damsel in distress.

I believe that the kind of man who rescues women (women who need to be rescued are deeply flawed individuals) do so in order to feel like "heros". They are not heroes. Does hero have an "e" in it?

The only thing I need to be rescued from is a spelling B. hee hee

JIMSIGHT said...

I just have one question, did you play frisbee today or split a salad?

Charmaine said...


ha ha. NEITHER.

I had lunch with my best friend. She nearly had a heart attack when she heard I had continued to see Evil after the whole "other woman" scenario. She set me straight.

Thank goodness for friends.

SSP said...

oh you revised this post, didn'tcha? and jim and your delete key....grrrrrr

anyway, don't you love the 100 days in bed blog? she is funny...she writes well!

Charmaine said...

Hey ssp,

The delete key is my friend.

I don't recall how I found 100 days in bed. I think it was through New York City woman.

She is a terrific writer. She actually IS a writer. She adores you which should alert you to the fact that you are a writer as well.

Maybe you could explore doing something with this gift?

SSP said...

oh all this adoration goes to my head and paralyzes me........can we just move to france and be done with it??

JIMSIGHT said...

oh dear, I had forgotten all about the "other woman" thing. hmmmmmm

SSP said...

there's ANOTHER one??? do tell :-)