Friday, October 3, 2008


JIMSIGHT said...

double bubble?

is everyone retired from blogging or and dating..ahaahhah

Charmaine said...

A double bubble,

When one layer of security is simply not enough.

Evil is done. Vern is coming back as my scuffy friend. I haven't been inclined to have a date. I have post dating traumatic shock syndrome.

You're the only other guy I will go on a date with. :-)

JIMSIGHT said...

Kind of like the double bubble mint twins.

Evil is Done? Even with his mad dancing skills? Did Vern win the Sandcastle contest? Just teasing.

PDTSS, great crippler of the middleaged.

What happened with Vern's CW? Just crurios.

Really? Interesting to say the very least.

JIMSIGHT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charmaine said...

Evil is done. I'm done. He is still fighting it. But my resolve is steadfast this time.

I'll be friends with Vern. CW is still in his house. He claims to be trying to get her out. Who knows....

Charmaine said...

Removing posts? How very mysterious... :-)

JIMSIGHT said...

Wow done with evil, really...what if he brings a frisbee and shows up in the transporting

Nothing mysterious about the vanishing post, was just telling you I deleted my POF profile, but you probably already figured that out.

JIMSIGHT said...

Just checking on the bubbles, thought I might find a secret message...One never knows...LOL..

Hope your still enjoying those little men in your life.

brush up on your french and read the last paragraph of the final installment of Fancy Nancy...remember my french is not all that literal...or grammatically perfect so you sometimes have to add or take things out. SSP figured out most of it.