Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Runaway Bride

After 2 weeks in Denver I left for the airport. My mother cried in the hallway. (For the record, Peterson women don't cry.) We argue, evade, picket (yes with actual signs) or shout. We do not cry. As her car drove off I watched her wipe the tears from her face as she glanced back to wave at me.

She told me that she felt she would never see me again because she was going to die. She told me that she thought "I was wonderful".

My mother is not warm. She's hilarious, entertaining and social. We love each other but we don't say it. We don't hug or kiss. We never have. So in the intial stage of my departure, I was off balance, moody and sad by this uncanny display of emotion.

After attending two Halloween parties the night of my departure with my adorable baby sister and her scrumptious children, where the wine was flowing I was wisked off to the airport.

On the plane I sat next to some Hollywood high roller who bought me more wine.

It was a late flight. I took a cab home around 1:00 AM. I was a little sad. Usually Vern would have picked me up. I got home but did not sleep. I had nightmares about my mother.

At 8:00 AM the next day Evil Surfer was on my doorstep. I was bleary eyed and irritated that he would come over uninvited. I wanted one day to decompress from my family and the wine.

He brought steaks, veggies and all the items he wanted me to cook that night. I don't know about you but I like planning my meals. We worked out and before you know it we were having fun. We were doing what we always out, play frisbee and cook. I landed some fun trick moves like catch the frisbee behind your neck, under you leg...etc. Evil was so impressed.

After dinner we were prone on the couch and he popped the question. "How do you feel about spending the rest of your life with me?" There was no ring so it was not a real proposal, merely a fishing for a will-I-get-a-"yes" when I produce the ring.

Because I am deliriously romantic I replied, "Do you mean will I allow you to torture me for the rest of my life?"

That's when I heard the clip clop upon the stair. Of course, It was Vern.

Vern had sent me an email the night prior advising that he thought we would make a wonderful married couple. Wha?

The next day all hell broke loose.

I went from two marriage proposals to single. Ladies and Gentlemen, I've got skills.

When I had my date with Pool Boy I was not really available. Not really. I needed the marriage proposals from these two men to force me to consider if they were what I really wanted.

The moment they asked was the moment I knew.


JIMSIGHT said...

WOW, I mean WOW WOW WOW!! Must have been quite a day.

I would have given a ride, how come you can't use your transporter?

Welcome home, just in case nobody told you that.

Michelle J said...

My goodness girlie!! I was worried about you! I couldn't even find your email addy to check on you!!

SO, glad to see you back!!

THis is a great post. See, i think you knew all along!

Happy Halloween!!

Welcome back!!

Charmaine said...


Thanks for saying welcome home. It feels good to have someone say that.

A small courtesy can mean alot.

SSP said...

welcome back - you have been missed.

I guess they both missed there a side to these guys you haven't shared? what are you DOING to them to make them fall so hard for you?

JIMSIGHT said...

Please, let us in on the secret. LOL, I may know what it is.. Does this mean I get my do-over, I think everyone wants to know.

Ok, so I am thinking a nice waltz at the Starlight Room, or a run on the stairs, or we do the skydiving date. I could just pack a picnic lunch but any of the above are very possible.

Any way, I think their may be a smile for me some where inside of that super emotional runaway Bride...

Mike said...

Oh come on. You're gone for weeks and you leave us hanging again. Mike's not happy.

P.O.M. said...

Damn girl. Was wondering where the hell you were! I was starting to suspect Evil Surfer did what we all thought he would...

WOW - so you KNEW there would be a big crashing down of everything with 2 men in your pocket. Espeically 2 men that do the "stop by" which is totally the worst thing ever.

So, what's next? Maybe a little dating amnesty for a while? Or are you jumping back on the wagon?

Charmaine said...


What do I do to make them fall in love with me? What a funny question. I will try to answer honestly.

I think what I do, without a bit of intention, is not particularly want them in the first place. Then the chase in on. Every man I have been truly interested in has broken my heart. Only because he would not chase me. So you see, this is not really a skill at all, rather a way of avoiding true love. p.o.m. had me pegged years ago. She goes for what she wants. I, sadly, run.

Charmaine said...

Hey Pool Boy,

It's true. I am the anti-Fancy Nancy. Her polar opposite.

Yes, you get your do-over. Just lower your expectations and anticipate only...that one day we might become friends. That would make things easier for this runaway bride. :-)

JIMSIGHT said...

Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.
(Oscar Wilde)

I don't really believe that, but I know he is one of your favorites.

Briana said...

If anyone understood the need to "decompress" after seeing my family, it's me! Men are absolutely not (were not when I was single) allowed to show up at my house uninvited (they must have known since none ever tried).

SSP said...

yah...I tend to latch on to the ones who want nothing to do with me...or they live 6,000 miles away...It is the ones that want me, I have no use for!

So happy to hear about the do-over - wear a shirt you don't have to worry about this time (though it didn't appear to have bothered him or scared him off... If he is in real life any thing close to the way he is in his writing (both style and content), it should be a fabulous time!