Friday, September 26, 2008

He Blinded me with Science!

Last weekend Evil Surfer Dude and I went to a party. Yea, I know. I dumped him but like all bad pennies...

The party was held at the Oceanside estate of his Scientist friend, Edwina. They worked together at Pfizer. Edwina has her PhD noteworthy only because I had called into question Evil's education. I stumbled upon his resume (not that I cared) He has his Masters in Chemistry.

The party was held to celebrate the 50th birthday of Edwina's husband. More then one over-weight middle aged woman looked me up and down with disapproval. If they had wanted to wound me, me they did. If they had given me the opportunity,I would have have offered then better reasons to hate me.

The house was gorgeous and the party was catered.

After dinner the entertainment; a pianist, singer/more like DJ arruved. That is when I stopped being miserable.

Who knew Evil loved to dance? Who knew he would be any good at it? We danced like crazy and let's face it, people were staring. He had no shame. I think he did "the pogo". The other notable dancers of the evening included a beautiful family from the Czech Republic. They grabbed me to talk. Finally I was having fun surrounded by fascinating people from Prague and dancing like a fool with Evil on the hard wood floors in the middle of the living room.

The next day Evil arrived at my house with a couple of New York Steaks, a huge bouquet of flowers and a DVD of Saturday Night Fever. "We've got to practise our dance moves", he said.

We worked out at the beach then played Frisbee along the shore. He taught me some trick moves. The man can play Frisbee. I no longer doubt that he was once an athlete. Little children got caught up in our game. We threw the Frisbee to them or to their fathers who were taking their children into the ocean.

When a fluorescent green Frisbee lands in your hand unexpectedly, you can't help but smile.


SF said...

you are a dancin' fool. I have been known to overlook a few transgressions here and there in exchange for a good time on the dance floor :-)

Charmaine said...


What IS it about a man who can dance?

SF said...

i dunno - maybe something to do with connecting to the music?? I will say that the old adage about if a man can dance, he can do "other" things equally rhythmically is NOT always accurate.....

Charmaine said...


ha ha. I would like to report that is.

hee hee

Briana said...

If they are a really good dancer, your opinion of what follows may be skewed!

SF said...

are you saying that you hooked up with him after he blinded you with his awesome power moves???? you GO girl :-)

Charmaine said...


A lady never tells. :-) hee hee

Hey, I didn't even know until now that you were my kid sisters roomate in college. Wow. All smart cookies in that house.