Friday, September 5, 2008

Pool Boy

Ladies and Gentlemen. A moment of silence please.

I would like to commemorate the great men who have made historic contributions to to the world.

Armstrong walked on the moon, Jarvis invented the artificial heart, Galileo discovered the constellations, Shakespeare wrote some cool plays and Keano Reeves...well, the lad doesn't have to do anything except stand there.

But never in a million years did I think a man (whom I have dated or will date in the future) would discover my blog.

I mean, I've had nightmares about it, of course.

Today marks another historic day in the history of the world. A man I met on discovered my blog. He told me so. In fact, he is probably reading about himself, right now. "Hi Pool Boy". He even created a blog identity so that he could, er...comment on my comments about him. Clever man.

Pool Boy still wants to meet after reading my entire blog.

You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat.

Don't be scared Pool Boy. I'm just messin' with ya.


Michelle J said...

HAHA Pool boy!!! I say stay and keep reading!! You will learn a lot from this incredible woman!!! :O)

Have a great weekend!!



Oh my "Pool Boy"

Will Pool Boy be able to face this challenge, stand akimbo and not relent while his escapades unfold in front of his eyes, or will he turn and stare into the sun.

Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon.

My money is on Pool Boy..any takers.

Mike said...

Wow that's got to be weird. I know a few years ago I would be out and I knew I knew someone, but after being on Match, MySpace, etc. you get to see all these faces regularly and you think you know them.

Pool boy just might stage his date with you to read about his exploits.

Stephanie said...

Wow - kudos to Pool Boy! How'd he manage that??

Should be interesting...


"That man that hath a tongue, I say is no man,
If with his tongue he cannot win a woman."

Know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

okay, just asking, how does one earn the title of "Pool Boy"? Can I assume that his qualifications are far different than say a "Cabana Boy"? You will have to excuse me, here in New York we have "Guys" in, "You gotta a Pool Guy"?

Sign me,
In Need of West Coast Remedial Training

Briana said...

You left out Tim Russert.

JIMSIGHT said...

Your reservation is confirmed in the book at Sapphire Laguna. Thank you for making your dining reservation at Sapphire Laguna.

P.O.M. said...

More info please.
I am home now.

JIMSIGHT said...

Oh yes, I second the motion...more info. Dish please.

Charmaine said...

Dear Lord.

p.o.m.. Pool boy is "jimsights". He is making comments He discovered my blog.

We meet this Saturday at Sapphire (or 230 Forest) at 7:30. With this build up, it is bound to be a disaster. But disasters are my specialty. Oh and, "Hi Pool Boy". ha ha

Charmaine said...

Actually, he is "jimsight". Click on that name not jimsights to check out his blog. Or...there is a link on my home page to him called Dating Jim - A mans perspective. hee hee

JIMSIGHT said...

Goodness Gracious, my cover is blown, no more incognito comments, I acquiese to legally have my name changed to "Pool Boy"?

Hi Charmaine!

Spicy Latina said...

Wow, Pool Boy is jimsights. So Saturday at Sapphire...7:30pm?
:-) Will you be posting his picture and blogging about how your really feel? Or is he getting special treatment?

JIMSIGHT said...

Special treatment not required, thank you very much.

It is just going to be FUN. That much I can guarantee.

Since my cover was blown, here is a pic i snapped like two minutes ago vs two years.