Sunday, February 7, 2010


Dear Dad,
Things aren’t going well around here. You know, since you left.

In fact, since you left, everything has gone to hell.

We’re adults now. We’re independent, strong, never needed you. We’ve moved on.

That’s what we’re supposed to say.

But it’s not true Dad. None of it’s true.

In moments of weakness, it’s you I turn to. You’re the one I need. It’s your voice I long to hear.

I remember when you died. I talked to God. I said, “don’t take my father, take me instead.”

I have a blog. I shoot down men for sport. If I had a dollar for every opportunist that wanted to link, content share or otherwise advertise here…I’d be rich.

I’m not rich Dad. I won’t sell out. I’ll say what I want…

I love you. Please don’t be dead.

I wanted you to spring back to life and save Erin. But you won’t. You insist on being dead.

The wreckage is here in my lap.I’m not you. I'll keep fighting.

It gets harder...every day.  Nobody helps...I guess everyone is busy. 

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SweetPeaSurry said...

Such sad and poignant writing. I'm sorry your daddy's gone dear.