Friday, February 19, 2010

A Mouse Ate My Car

I thought rats mice only lived in...uh...slums. 
I started my car engine. "Danger Will Robinson" lights flickered on the dash. 

"My car is having emotional problems" I thought.  "It probably needs some kind of service".

 I drove to the gas station.  It's a block from my house, I walked home.

Upon my return I discovered a pool of radiator fluid in my garage. A little dead rat mouse lay upon it.

"Ahh, the little bastard committed suicide" I thought.

Two days later I was informed the rat mouse had eaten:

Radiator hose (1)
Radiator hose (2)
Electrical wiring (my speedometer, gas guage and rpm thingee no longer work)
Vacuum hose (3 inches missing)
Oil dip stick housing

He ate ALL of this in one night...before he died.

His last meal cost me a pretty penny.


♥ Braja said...

I'm just glad it wasn't your cat :)

LL said...

Just make sure to check your air filter. Mice are hell for filling them in with nesting material.

Char said...

And check for mouse turds, if the little bugger ate all that, there's probably thousands of em.


Briana said...

Now you need to get a cat so it can eat the mouse's family.

♥ Braja said...

You need to come over and see 20 things that nurture me and also do you xoxoxo

Venom said...

Whoa, this reminds me of a show called 'Verminators' where the team went out to a place in Arizona that was estimated to have hundreds of desert rats, many nesting in & feasting on old cars abandoned around the property. They were happy to eat the brand new $50G truck in the driveway too.
I haven't yet seen a live rat on my farm; I do though sometimes find mutilated carcasses that the Mighty Hunter Shepherd Bitch leaves for me to prove her value.
Obviously, that dog living next door to you is quite citified.