Friday, February 20, 2009


Simplicity said...

This is a good post. ;)

JIMSIGHT said...


Charmaine said...

Pool Boyyyyyyyyyy

We haven't been in our bubble for ages. Look who snuck in.

I'm off the Denver for the week. You should try to listed to me and my nephew on the radio Sunday.

Let's have dinner or drinks when I get back. k?

JIMSIGHT said...


shoot me a text or call me when you get back, I leave for europe on the 5th of March..

yes what up with the bubble breaker.

Charmaine said...

Okay. Our window is March 1 - 4.

I miss Europe. sniff sniff.

JIMSIGHT said...

the 4th is out, I leave really early on the 5th... the car service is picking me up at like 5am..

the first sounds like it may be the best, let me know. you have threatened this before. lol..

love the bubble

SSP said...

i am breaking the bubble too!! sorry, but I have so missed talking to you guys. I am finally catching up on everyone's blogs and it seems the world really does NOT revolve around me??!! Who knew...anyway, I will try to tune in Charmaine - I loved KGNU when I lived in denver...and where in europe are you going pool boy?? have a lovely time!! Wish I was there!

Charmaine said...

Pool boy, our bubble now includes others.

Thankfully, I like our interlopers.

Hee hee.

SSP said...

i will graciously butt out of da bubble ;-)

JIMSIGHT said...

SSP, no need to butt out. Charmaine threatens to meet me for a meal and or drinks about once a month then up comes an ESD or a "The Vern" post. I see a pattern LOL

Charmaine said...


So true. I am busted.

But so help me God, if ESD or Vern every appears again I graciously request that you shoot me.

In the head.

Maybe I'm just saving you for last. hmm?

JIMSIGHT said...

LOL, just figured i would check the bubble and bingo..

Deal on the coup de grace... your to funny.

Oh, I never thought of it as being saved for last, hmmm?

Nice pic's with the boys by the way. I think I like the two where you have your eyes open the best.

Uno di questi giorni, forse tra le proposte di matrimonio possiamo prendere quella bevanda.