Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Things, Small Package, IV

That doesn't sound right. 

The funny thing about a practically perfect date is's not funny. 

He picked me up in his convertible Corvette. (He wasn't driving it last time.)

He was a small man in a fast car. 

An incredibly NICE man.

He brought me to an amazing restaurant...again.  After dinner we took a bicycle taxi to a hip martini bar.  The music was blasting hip hop music.  Every other word seemed to be "bitch". 

We looked at each other, two old farts in a young persons nightclub...and bolted.

Before the night was over he asked for another date. 

He brought me a present from Thailand.

"What kind of present do you get a woman with whom you've only had one date?" He asked. 

"It's perfect", I said.


secret agent woman said...

Oh come on... what was it???

LL said...

So he bought you a young sex slave, did he? Well... I guess that just wrecks it for the rest of us... :ewink: