Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Things Come in Small Packages III

I'm seeing him again tomorrow night.

My girlfriend is wary of him.  She believes because he ordered lobster on our first date AND ordered two (2) desserts I took home to my nephews...he is suspicious.

"Real men don't order lobster", she said. "He's trying too hard."

I just thought he was trying to impress me. 

But there is a problem.  He just returned from Thailand.

It is his 11th trip.  I don't get it.

I've been to Thailand. It was an all expenses paid trip.  I flew first class.  I slept in a pod, sipped champagne.  I enjoyed a 5 star river front room with a personal butler.  She unpacked my suitcase and drew a bath for me when I returned from riding an elephant.

There were rose petals in the bathwater.

The aroma I selected wafted throughout the room. My particular brand of soothing music played.  The pillow I ordered was on the bed.

But here's the thing: It was a place a person should visit once.

There is a distinct underbelly to Thailand.  The trafficking of children into the sex trade.  The ping pong ball thing.  Parts of Thailand turn into a red light district of horror for these children every night.

It cannot be denied. Just hearing about it, having it confirmed, was enough to disgust me. Scare me.  Sadden me.

So why would a grown man return 11 times to such a country?  It's dirty, people wear masks to protect against the epic pollution.  It's grimly exotic.  The floating water market is on it's last legs.

I was lucky.  I experienced the country like some kind of rock star because I'm an event planner. Photos of me even appeared in the paper. Absurd, to say the least.

There are a million ways to discriminate against people:  Race, color and religion.

How about discrimination based on vacation travel destinations?


Anonymous said...

Ask him why he's been there so many times. If he's any kind of man, he'll tell you. And be truthful about it.
(I would..but I'm a brat like that and nosy!! lol)

tjames said...

I love Thialand. If he is going to Bangkok every time I would worry but if it's Phucket or Pei Pei, then it could be because it's beautiful and inexpensive.

secret agent woman said...

Maybe he's looking into gender reassignment surgery in Phuket?

Actually, I'd vote for just asking him, too.

Charmaine said...

I asked.

He travels to Thailand with his brother and two retired police officers/detectives.

They buy stuff then sell it at a local flea market.

The man is "legit".

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm we got flea markets here all over USA.....

Something don't jive....

Hope am wrong!