Friday, April 9, 2010

Women in Church

Do you ever wonder at the absence of women in the Catholic religion?

Women used to be there...but were eliminated.

Priests, even Popes had lady friends and wives.

The back story is the Catholic church eliminated women to prevent the affluence of the church from dissipating.  If a married priest died his property transferred to his wife and family...away from the Church.

Celibacy ensured there would be no property transfer. It was called "God's will".

I don't think God gave people "parts" he didn't intend them to use.

Today, we respect the crimes of men.  You can't go to the Gynocologist (if he's a man) without a woman in the room.

The media referrs to what Catholic priests have participated in as "sex scandals".

But let's name it correctly: "Sex crimes".

My point?  Just that you notice how language is used to re-frame reality.  In this case, soften the blows committed by these men.  (As if they need to be protected.) It's a scandal of course, but the real scandal is nobody seems to be naming these actions adequately.  I'm a little scandalous because I refuse to wear my seatbelt but...

In a criminal courtroom there are victims.

As an injured child, you have to sue the priest in order to find justice. The monetary. If you don't have money to hire an justice for you. 

The lawsuits are handled in a Civil manner when, in my opinon, the police should be involved.  The police we pay to protect us.  But where are the police? "

Oh yea, they're busy giving me tickets for not wearing my seat belt.

"Good Morning officer, that's a shiny new car you're driving...I'm glad my tax dollars paid for it. Wha? You're giving me a ticket?"

I'm on my third seatbelt infraction and, based on the fines, stimulating the economy.  No need to thank me.


Charlene said...

Priests not having property or means is a thinly veiled protection. That's why law suits on behalf of victims are brought against the archdiocese or this year the vatican.

I believe these crimes should have been treated as crimes not whispered scandals. In some cases, at least here in Louisville, they have been. We have at least one priest in prison. Every one of them should be in prison serving terms along with non-religious pedophiles. After release they go to the sex registry and live under the rules other non-religious sex criminals do. If the church retains them then, they'd at least have to put them to work in nursing homes or at administrative work.

Charmaine said...

Interesting. Thanks Charlene!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I got a seat belt ticket once many years ago. I hated that!

SSP said...

wear your damn seat belt, woman, if not for the financial savings, then for the blood and guts through the wind shield savings :-D

Anonymous said...

I'm seconding the voice of SSP above. Wear the seatbelt!! Christ almighty girl!!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Charmaine said...

I'm not wearing the bloody seatbelt.

Nag all you want.

Anonymous said...

I wear my seatbelt, half the time..I hurt no one but myself if something happens...

As to the Catholic priests...those who are caught doing what they do to those children ought to have their penis' cut off...

Char said...

Interesting. Thanks Charlene!