Friday, April 9, 2010


Hello class.

Let's talk about Muslims,shall we?

Do you know any folks of this particular persuasion?

I didn't think so.

You've probably met them, you just didn't know it.

They drive cars, they don't get traffic tickets, they repair your water heater and shake your hand.

I've met a few, one is on my doorstep now. 

I know about his religion because we discussed it, formerly. He wouldn't dare mention it now.

Don't be afraid of Muslims.  One is repairing my water heater and the one before him took one look at me and said, "I am just now seeing you. Allah told to me to help you pass your car on the smog test:".

And so he did. I passed because he was an engineer in his country and was capapble of tricking the smog test aparatus.He had a PHD in mechancial engineering.  When he arrived in this country he could not find work.  He opened up a garage.

I wondered why he had bothered to be kind and he replied, "In my religion, the sins of the father revisit the son.  If I am kind to you pehaps you will, someday, be kind to my son."

Go ahead, hate on some Muslims...but I'm not going with you.


Charlene said...

Every person is valuable. I know that inside me there resides some prejudice or question about people I have never personally known, but I'm too curious to turn away.

I've never been disappointed by this. I havae been disappointed with people of my own religiou, race, ethnic background.

Charmaine said...

Religion, of any kind, does not guarantee good behavior. Character does, however, provide a good indicator.

tera said...

Good lesson.
I don't know that "every person is valuable" as Charlene said, but that is because I work for a police department and I have seen way to much depravity, cruelty, stupidity and just plain evil.
However, I do think we cannot hate "just because".
I say, "every person has potential" instead, and how nice that you can illustrate that sometimes you find kindness and giving even where you don't really expect it! :)

Don said...

I'm not so hot on organized religion because each is SO SURE they are on to the REAL THING. Most organized religions will actually fight about it if pushed.

Individual people: I find them to be either someone I'm willing to know better or not but I don't blame that on their religious beliefs. I liked Tera's comment about some of the people she meets in her work. I've met a couple like that & prefer to stay away from them.

SSP said...

where are you Charmaine? are you ok??

♥ Braja said...

I live in a village full of 'em....couldn't be further from the media image.

Funny, though: I did a post today about the burka issue in Europe...

kym said...

awesome post :)