Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Don't Like Popes.

Maybe it's their funny hats.  Maybe it's because they wear dresses.

...and wedding rings.

I just don't like them. 

They look evil. Lecherous, actually.  It's in the eyes.

Oh and, they cover up the fact that their employees, priests, molest children. 
This is my Easter message.


Charlene said...

I'm Catholic; a convert.

I am mad at all the guys in charge of the church for their denial of abuse. Because of systemic secrecy this abuse was not brought out and the priests and nuns doing it were not ridden out on a rail. That's what should have been done.

In the Baptist church where I grew up a preacher had an affair with a widow woman. He wasn't ridden out on a rail either. What happened was the preacher and the widow got married and took a bunch of the members and started another church! That's why there are so many Baptist churches in small town communities.

You can see how this wouldn't work in the Catholic Church!

Briana said...

I love religion!

Christmas, I get presents, and today I get chocoloate.

As my son would say, "What a country."

Irish Gumbo said...

Yep, what you said.

LL said...

"Well Mr. Smith, I've got good news and bad news..."

"What is it?"

"The bad news is that you're Catholic, the good news is that you've only got daughters."

*Juliette* said...

Right on, Charmaine. That is so wrong and I can't understand why anyone would still go to a Catholic church after what he's done (and still doing for all we know).

HOA Mgr Lady said...

No wonder Martin Luther strated his own church. Thnk you Martin! To think that the Church (The devils playground) continues to hide these losers is not just criminal but illegal or should be. This could bring the church down.

Don said...

I can accept that people would like to have someone taking care of them because it's a tough world; easier now probably than in ancient times but still tough. It's the religious professional's I don't like. It's like Walmart vs Kmart - they are all singing 'our version is better!' like a bunch of children only they start wars over it.

Like Charlene said, other churches aren't as monolithic so if a preacher goes off the rails it's his (or her) problem, not the church's. It's all that direct connection to God that gets the Pope in trouble.

Char said...

They DO look evil, therefore, they probably are! I agree!