Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bad Boy Gone Good with Tool belt


Saturday, Bad Boy Gone Good showed up on my doorstep with a toolbelt. My deck became Command Central Repair Station. Power tools, saws, ratchets, chargers. He proceeded to complete the dream of my life.

He fixed EVERYTHING in my house.

I've been single forever, so you can imagine, the repairs took ALL DAY. When he was done, he cooked me dinner on the barbeque he fixed.

God love him.
James Taylor - "Handy Man" a timeless classic.
Charmaine's Barbeque and Oven
The steaks were a little tough. The grilled Zuchini and Summer Squash were FANTASTIC. Cut in long strips with olive oil, salt and tons of pepper. The baked potatoes were crisp and salty, just the way I like'em. I made the potatoes. Oh, the wine was spectacular. He brought it, and the food too.

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