Saturday, May 17, 2008

Are Indian Men Weird?

It’s not easy to prove a theory. You must define your hypothesis followed by rigorous testing. The theory must be tested and proven by others. Frankly, I don’t have that kind of time.

I stated my hypothesis in my last post. “Indian Men are Weird”. They seem to be juvenile and inappropriately sexual (in an adolescent way) with women in either words or actions.

To prove that I’m open minded, I agreed to speak with yet another Indian man. (Apparently I’m catnip to these fella’s)

I told him about my dating experience with the last two blokes. Certain that he would be careful. After about 10 minutes of conversation he advised that he was only attracted to Philipinos, Iranian and white women. He racially profiled white women, concluding that they do not appreciate a well-educated man. (Frankly it was the only reason I was talking to him.) Then he told me that his former Iranian girlfriend named her vibrator after him.


Indian men, Yeeeeer out!

But if Deepok Chopra ever becomes available…I’ll reconsider.


Adithya said...

Dont you think thats generalizing with very little evidence you got? Its as good as asserting blondes are dumb and trust me I have hell a lot of examples to prove this. But i know there are many smart ones too. I mean ya lot of them are weird,desperate,afraid of women....but not all of them

Anonymous said... is SO true!!! In fact, I believe it is so, regardless of age.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have to agree with you. I have dealt with four and they were all VERY strange. The strangesst men I have ever encountered not sure why they are even attracted to me. I will not entertain another Indian man again.

Anonymous said...

I think that fat old white women - who are still single while in their 40s - are very weird.