Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Break Up

As you can imagine, I sent quite the email to Bad Boy Gone Good after our third date.

Hi Bad Boy Gone Good,

I had a great time with you today. Thank you.

I need to say that I was taken aback my your remark “The least you could do is buy me lunch”. It sort of killed my budding romantic feelings. You saved 40 bucks, but lost more. Namely me.

I have never paid for lunch or dinner when on a date. You’re response was, “don’t you want to contribute?”

My delayed response is yes, but not on the third date.

Hw shot back with an arsenal.

So, I replied:

Dear Bad Boy Gone Good,

I disagree with everything you just said.

If you can't afford to date, don't date. Better yet, get a job.

You seem to feel that I am renting your time and that it has economic value necessitating that I pay for what we do in order to "contribute".

You're too old to be a gigalo.

PS: Please don't shoot me. I've seen your aim, and it's good.

So h'es calling, and calling and calling....I'm ignoring, ignoring and ignoring....

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