Friday, January 18, 2008

Date Report - "Gay Man Dan"

My date would not make eye contact. We talked as he looked at the table, at my elbow, at the waitress....everywhere....except at me.

He was married for 20 years. His last marriage ended after 4 months. He spent alot of money on his new wife and her children. Then, in an act of freakish serendipity she inherited money and promptly left him.

My date said, "I guess she didn't need me anymore".

He wasn't handsome but had a certain "something". He was the kind of guy who likes to "buy" women". As we dined there was this strange sound in my head.

The sound of an electronic accounting calculator. The one that makes noise?
I said, "yes", and "uh huh" as he spoke at all the proper moments BUT inside my head I was trying to determine...

How much would I cost?

How much would I sell myself for? I know most people would say, Oh...I'm not for sale but, really? All I need is $50,000.00. (Downpayment on a condo) and the deal is closed.

I'm all yours.

Back to the date.

With his failure to look at eye began to roam. Crow Bar had very attractive men. They were young and hip and in their 40's.

We had drinks, then we went to Pelican Hill Golf Club House and then....

He took me to...


Yes he did. Ahh.

I mean, this would have been funny with friends or....But on a first date?

Favorite Quote from my Date: "Let's go to a gay bar".

Restaurant Review****(4 stars)
Great wine and appetizers. I had flat bread with carmelized onion, fig jam, prosciutto and bits of melted gorgonzola. Damn it was good.

I dont' see what the fuss is all about. A bunch of old men with women who havebeen surgically altered beyond recongnition. Some of them look like "escorts". I didn't like the vibe at all. It reminded me of The Ritz in Newport Beach. Dirty old men, good steaks and hookers. Yuk.

BOUNCE kind a dumpy little gay bar in Laguna Beach. I knew gay bars existed in Laguna Beach, duh. I just didn't know where. There were 5 men in the joint. Maybe it was early. The bartender was funny. No one would talk to me. Looking back, I wonder if the gay men thought that we were this middle aged couple looking for some.....I don't even want to go there. Deep breath....let it go.

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