Monday, October 8, 2007

Date Report - Captain Cage - Date # 2

Friday, October5, 2008

Made it to date number two (2) with the Yacht Captain. We met at a Thai restaurant that my friend Jessica suggested basically serves cockroaches... in my case they were served in a green curry sauce and tasted like chicken. Yum.

Dinner was fine. Afterwards we walked to the Balboa Pavillion for an after dinner drink. He invited me to date # 3 for last Sunday. (Vintage Car races at a military base. ) I declined.

He suggested that if I really wanted to "be with" him.. I would go. Wha? I mean, we just met.

Have men become NEEDY? Were they always and I didn't notice?

I am too old to do anything I DON'T WANT TO DO. Period. Oo why am I so defensive?

Because the guy is totally right.

I once had a date, The Captain, (a different Captain) who advised me: "Charmaine, we have had 3 dates and spent 11 hours together. You should know by now if you see a future with me".

Why is everyone in such a rush? Or is it me? It's me isn't it?


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P.O.M. said...

So he's out for good? hmmmmm