Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's in a Name?

Yesterday, I called my fiancé "Gary".  (His name is Jerry.)

It wasn't the first time. (More like the 40th.)

Jerry is a weird name.  Like the name of some guy living in a trailer missing a front tooth.  Sometimes  I can't even manage "Gary".  When referring to him in conversation, to my sister, my mind becomes confused.  I can't remember his name, like a reverse form of Tourette's Syndrome.

I open my mouth over and over without making a sound like a fish plucked from the ocean trying to breath.  (Please visualize.)

Eventually, I exhale and say, "what's his name" or "that guy I'm going to marry."

My nephews scream, "Oh my GodDUH, you don't even know the name of the man your going to marry?"  The youngest nephew throws me a verbal life raft; "You mean Jerry" he says.

"Yes Brody.  That's exactly who I mean.  You're a very good boy." I say. "Please have some candy."

My mother called my father, "Pete."  I was 16 when I learned his name was really Richard.  Who creates "Pete" as a diminutive of Richard?

When I call Jerry "Gary"... at least I'm close.


fatbottomgal said...

i get that way with the kids!!!!

LL said...

Around here they call that CRS disease...

Can't Remember Shit.

At least you know he's not marrying you for your mind. ;P

Charmaine said...

Fatbottom - I know, right? But I only have ONE name to remember. Hmmm

LP: ha ha ha. You're the best. I mean, LL.

Anonymous said...

That's like trying to call one of you kids (names are: Randy, Rick, Rob & Jeff) and go through all of them before you finally hit on the right one! LOL
Those were my cousins and my Aunt did it ALL the time!!!

Linda said...

I had a similar problem, but it was remembering my last fiance/husband's face. In the beginning, when he wasn't around that often, I'd completely forget what he looked like. Really. And the surprise on my face when he'd walk in the door, he took as my happiness to see him, but I was just happy for the recollection of his features. btw, this is a syndrome that I've discovered many people have. Maybe there's a medical term for your name retrieval issue. Oh, and big congratulations!!

african girl said...

Haha. What a funny scenario! Well, there's nothing wrong calling your fiance some nicknames but be sure to remember his original name because if someone asks the name of your fiance and you can't answer it because you forgot his name that's a big trouble!