Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Blog into a Movie???


...was my engaging response when a producer from Blue Orchid films called me about adapting  my dating shennanigans into a film. "You're story is very current" she said.

Back in the day I was dating frequently. The middle aged men...well, it was like there was something WRONG with them. In a cute way.

I merely chronicled what happened...and it was funny.  (You'll have to scroll down to my ancient history.)

The producer and I talked for a couple of hours. 

She waxed on about Demi Moore for the lead (she's looking for work don't ya know) pitching it to different studios which she would require I attend, some innane subplot that sounded like HER on-line dating experience.  (We discovered we'd both been contacted by the same ER Physician living in Malibu on  I'd rejected him, she'd dated him with less then optimum results. 

She'd lied about her age.

The story line would be a journalist internet dates to find material for a story...ends up falling in love and getting heart broken.

"That's not my story" I said. 

"It's kind of a boring story"  I said.

"My story is better" I said.

You're not supposed to say that when a producer calls you.


Joanie M said...

Well, why not your story? Julie Powell had her blog (The Julie/Julia Project) become a book, then a movie, why can't your blog become a movie? Even if they do add some artistic creativity to it, you could make some major dough on this!!!

Ann Imig said...

That is so exciting!!

Your story, and YOU instead of Demi :) said...

Very cool if nothing else!!! Demi Moore, huh??

Irish Gumbo said...

Well, your story IS better, dahling. This sounds like quite the bonus. Crossing fingers, let's see it on the big screen!

Charlene said...

She was probably the doctor's crazy x-girlfriend trying to dig for details.

You are right. No one's life is more interesting than ours for gosh sake!

SSP said...

i wanna direct it......

PorkStar said...

Wow that's pretty awesome!

LL said...

Keep after them thar cowboys... you may just get your happy ending! :ewink:

Oh... and as everyone already said, your stories would be so much better than that crap she was peddling. More along the lines of a real life Bridget Jones thing.

Charmaine said...

Joanie - You're right. The problem is I already offended the producer.

Ann - Yes, it WAS exciting. Me instead of Demi? Ha..hilarious.

Nancy - Nah. Trust's not going to happen.

Irish - You're the man, dahling. But I think I blew it. It's my claim to fame...don't ya know?

Charlene - Ha ha ha!!!! No way she I blew the guy off...doctors don't impress me. Plus he had a weak chin. hee hee

SSP - You got it sister.

Pork Star - Don't hold yar ain't happening. I didn't used to say "ain't" until I came to Colorado.

LL - Wanna play the lead?

LL said...

We've already been through this Charm...

You'd be robbin' the cradle! :ewink:

Although one would never know it from just lookin' at you...

Claire said...

I was afraid Charlene was right!!! I really love your stories - especially as I'm single and 65 (husband passed away 6 yrs ago) and have actually had one date which I should write about. I pointed out an older man to one of my daughters in church awhile ago and said, "Look your new daddy" and then found out last Sun. that he is 59! I can't tell how old people are! Your movie would be a big seller!!!!

EcoGrrl said...

dating is always a comedy. my adventures earlier this year online always involved a boy with pretty eyes and a close mouthed smile - until i realized that every one of 'em had extraordinary bad teeth (i'm talkin' mister ed here) when i met them in person and they dared to speak...oy vey!

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