Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Cowboy CRAZY!

There is just ONE thing to cure what ails me...

A Cowboy.

Lookee ratch hyar...(faints).

The thing about cowboys is...they're sincere.

The cowboy is the only varient of man I have not yet dated.

The cowboy above called me.  With a relaxed, confident drawl he said:

"When you're done with those other Rodeo Clowns why don't you give me a call?"

So...after months...I DID.

He suggestively demanded I DRIVE to his ranch immediately.  "Huh...wha?" I responded. "I mean, why on earth would I do that?"

"Because I can't leave the horses." he replied

"How will the horses know you're gone?" I said


"I had high hopes for you", he said.  "You're soo cute.  If you don't drive to my ranch tonight...forget it."

And so...forget it I did.  Then I met some REAL cowboys.

Where have I been? ... that's a story for tomorrow.

Tune in, won't you?



Jen said...

Lookie here who came back from the dead. Welcome back lady, welcome back!

Charmaine said...

Hee Haw Jen. I have more cowboy stories. Cowboys are my new obsession. Oh and men from Denmark.

You'll see.

I'll join your book club if you read something in English little missy!

secret agent woman said...

Welcome back.

Wow - that guy was a winner!

Charlene said...

Glad to see you back and playing with men; a wonderful occupation.

LL said...

Oh for hell's sake. You've known me for well over a year, and you're just now talking of cowboys? *sigh* Whatever am I going to do with you Charm?

Just be careful... once you start dating cowboys... well...

Charmaine said...

LL: Say it isn't so. You're not a COWBOY....are you?

Fragrant Liar said...

Hmmm, why yes. Bring on those gruff and sexy cowpokes. Heh.

SSP said...

just make sure they are wearing WRANGLERS and not Levi or Gap jeans, ok??