Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beanies...Oh Baby!

It happened.

I purchased an article of clothing from Walmart.

It’s not that I'm a snob. (Okay I was.) One of those has-no-money snobs, living in a neighborhood she couldn’t afford.

We’re the worst kind.

I’m currently a volunteer Event Planner for a non-profit organization. (Good-bye Europe.) I visited Walmart to ask the Community Involvement Coordinator for a donation.

She gave it to me.

I don’t hate Walmart anymore.

I bought a turtleneck with matching beanie as an expression of gratitude.

AND a circular loom. I’m knitting beanies for the entire family.

My nephews and I knitted for hours.

Brody (age 11) whispered: “Charmaine, I’m so glad you’re here.”

Love is simple. It requires little…involvement...and respect.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Blog into a Movie???


...was my engaging response when a producer from Blue Orchid films called me about adapting  my dating shennanigans into a film. "You're story is very current" she said.

Back in the day I was dating frequently. The middle aged men...well, it was like there was something WRONG with them. In a cute way.

I merely chronicled what happened...and it was funny.  (You'll have to scroll down to my ancient history.)

The producer and I talked for a couple of hours. 

She waxed on about Demi Moore for the lead (she's looking for work don't ya know) pitching it to different studios which she would require I attend, some innane subplot that sounded like HER on-line dating experience.  (We discovered we'd both been contacted by the same ER Physician living in Malibu on  I'd rejected him, she'd dated him with less then optimum results. 

She'd lied about her age.

The story line would be a journalist internet dates to find material for a story...ends up falling in love and getting heart broken.

"That's not my story" I said. 

"It's kind of a boring story"  I said.

"My story is better" I said.

You're not supposed to say that when a producer calls you.